About Bimbrix

It is well known that 'active learning' is one of the most effective techniques for teaching and the Bimbrix components provide the ideal tool to teach construction technology. There are many further aspects that can be taught using Bimbrix, including setting-out; estimating and tendering; construction programming and sequencing; facade detailing; centre-line calculations; and space planning.

The first Bimbrix components to be manufactured are standard facing bricks and the most commonly used 'special bricks' and closers. The full range of components can be seen on 'The Brick Range' page. Further components are being designed and manufactured to enable the full structure of a building to be created. The intention is to create 2D, 3D, and full BIM (Building Information Modelling) models of buildings, including 4D Planning and 5D Cost information. The idea is to help students to understand the concepts of 3D design and the introduction on BIM.

The bricks are compatible with 3D printing techniques and bespoke components can be created to compliment any model. Other CAD/CAM/CNC techniques can be used to create 1:5 scale components and Bimbrix is an ideal way of encouraging collaboration between different departments and design disciplines.

Note from the designer Richard Winson MSc (London) FRICS MCIArb

I have worked in the construction industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles. I originally trained as a quantity surveyor with a national UK contractor, and then worked for a property developer, a specialist sub-contractor, and a global telecoms company. For the last 12 years I have specialised in dealing with construction and property corporate recovery, bank lending risk, and business review. I have a keen interest in education for construction and I have given guest lectures at a number of colleges and universities in England and Scotland.

Having spent many years training to become a Chartered Builder and then a Chartered Surveyor, I have always thought that students would benefit from a more practical approach to training and I believe that Bimbrix will assist with this. I would welcome any feedback or answer any queries that you might have.

Technical details

Registered Design - ref 4029427
Patent Number: GB2512924
Bimbrix® - registered trademark ref UK00003001693
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Designed , manufactured and packaged in the UK. Product made from tough ABS plastic.